What is the moral of the story The Cop and the Anthem?

What is the moral of the story The Cop and the Anthem?

Answer. The Cop and the Anthem Theme of Dreams, Hopes, and Plans. One moral we might get out of this story (if we were looking for morals) is that our goals and dreams, our hopes, and our plans for the future might play a big role in determining the course of our lives.

What kind of man is soapy in The Cop and the Anthem?

The protagonist of “The Cop and the Anthem,” Soapy is a homeless, street-smart man who is trying to escape the harsh New York City winter by getting arrested and taken to Blackwell's Island, where he will be given a warm bed.

Which season is mentioned in the story The Cop and the Anthem?


What soapy wanted the most in the world?

Three months of food every day and a bed every night, three months safe from the cold north wind and safe from cops. This is what Soapy wanted most in the world.

What made soapy standstill at the unusual quiet corner?

At length Soapy reached one of the avenues to the east where the glitter and turmoil was but faint. He set his face down this toward Madison Square, for the homing instinct survives even when the home is a park bench. But on an unusually quiet corner Soapy came to a standstill.

What did the cop ask soapy?

Most noteworthy, Soapy decided to find work from the very next day. Just then a cop came there and he asked Soapy that what he was doing there. Soapy then began to argue with him due to his new confidence. However, the cop took him and the judge gave him three months prison sentence on Blackwell's Island.

Why did the waiter said no cop for you to soapy?

The lesson 'The Cop and the Anthem'- Soapy then made attempts to get himself arrested. His first plan was to eat at a fine restaurant and then say that he had no money. Soapy thought that this would send him to Blackwell's prison for three months. ... The waiter then threw him out instead of calling the cop.

What did soapy want?

Soapy wanted to go to prison. There were places in the city where he could go and ask for food and a bed. These would be given to him.

Why did soapy take another man's umbrella?

He stole a man's umbrella in a cigar store, but the man wouldn't call the cop who was standing right nearby because the supposed owner of the umbrella had evidently stolen it himself. I suppose you could say that there were only five attempts to get arrested if you don't count the first episode as a crime.

Why didnt the police suspect soapy to be evil?

Soapy also tries to harrass a virtuous-looking woman, only to find her actually desirous of his attentions, and he throws a brick through a window, but the police will not consider him a suspect because of his cultured demeanor. All in all, Soapy is a comical character, homeless, smart, and bumbling.

What did the cop takes soapy for?

Soapy made another attempt for his arrest. This time he began shouting like a drunk man in front of the theatre. The cop thought that he was a college boy and hence left him. Soapy then saw the umbrella of a man buying a newspaper.

What is the irony in The Cop and the Anthem?

-The irony in 'The cop and the anthem' is just that when Soapy wants to get arrested and taken to jail, he can never manage to get a police officer to arrest him. But, then he decides to change his ways and quit being a bum. As soon as he does that, he gets arrested.